Pride Bologna, controversy over the exclusion of the association of lgbt policemen. Gaynet and Rainbow Families: “Think again”

Two days after Gay Pride of Bologna discusses the decision of the organizers, the network Pride riotto exclude from participation Polis Apertathe association that brings together homosexuals who work in the police and the armed forces.

To report the situation, as reported the Rest of the Carlino, it was the same association. “We were asked – they write – not to present ourselves with the association’s logos and banner, but to participate anonymously, as if we had to hide who we are. Since its inception, the association has been committed to the recognition of civil rights, from Cirinnà law to the Zan bill, for the recognition of aliases for people in transition and homogenitoriality. Because we are aware that only by protecting the multiple individual identities of society can we guarantee the defense of that democracy that we have decided to represent by wearing a uniform. Excluding practices do not belong to us, just as mockery, discrimination, prejudice that exudes from certain tones do not belong to us. This hatred does not belong to us ”.

Uprising Pride responded by recalling how the experience invokes the riot in response to the Stonewall crackdown. “We recognize – they reply – that homolesbobitransaphobia is present in all workplaces, even within the police and law enforcement agencies. Indeed, it is often in these sectors that discrimination finds space, encouraged by an environment, that of the barracks, steeped in machismo and machismo. For this reason, we would like to clarify that ours is not a stance against Polis Aperta, but an open criticism of the police as an institution, and as a place of reproduction of sexist, homolesbobitransphobic, enabling and racist violence “.

Also Gaynet distanced himself from the network’s decision Pride riot: “First of all: here we are talking about Polis Aperta, a reality made up of LGBTIQ + people who fight precisely those prejudices and sexism every day, continuing in their daily lives the revolt that we celebrate every 28 June. Denying LGBTIQ + men and women to show up in the uniform they wear every day, the same uniform with which they won a tiring and very important coming out, means to refuse their path. It means trampling it and exposing it to the mercy of those who can say “they always consider you scum”. It means practicing the same discrimination that we have always fought, that “you’re not doing well” that we recently heard in Rome in a club against a lesbian girl. It means putting on a revolt in reverse ”. And they continue: “Fascists must be thrown out of the pride, not brothers and sisters in uniform or allies who put their faces on it. Hitting those who try to change things is the perfect strategy for not changing anything “. Therefore “dear friend from Bologna, think again“.

A line also shared by the association Rainbow families: “Saturday we will be at Pride in Bologna, the PRIDE revolt, with our families and with our stories, even if this year we were not among the realities that organized and promoted it”, they wrote on Facebook. “Pride is for everyoneall the people and realities that live and cross it, and in a Pride there is no room for exclusion: so we sincerely hope that the controversies of these days will be overcome and to find ourselves all (but absolutely everything, Polis Aperta included) Saturday to fight together and claim denied rights together“.

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