Prey: the positive aspects that sustain this Predator prequel

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This Friday a new film from the saga that was born in the 80s with Arnold Schwarzenegger as the protagonist will arrive at the Star + catalog.

Amber Midthunder is the protagonist of Prey.
© IMDbAmber Midthunder is the protagonist of Prey.

In the 80’s, arnold schwarzenegger had just become an icon of action by the hand of Predatorthe movie that gave us iconic moments of his career like seeing him covered in mud hidden in the jungle, or hearing him say “Get to the chopper” (goes to the helicopter) with his characteristic accent. There were six films that followed this production, if we take into account the crossover with Alienand now a new story has just been released in this franchise.

From tomorrow it will be available in the catalog of Star+ Prey, a film that works as a prequel to the original film, which will show us a little about how the predator that landed in the middle of the jungle occupied by the Comanches behaved. In this context, it should be noted that this is not an origin story but rather a story with the same creature that we saw stalking arnold schwarzeneggeralthough with slightly more precarious technologies in comparison.

If there is an important point to be highlighted Prey it is precisely how the original idea holds. It’s true, let’s see Star+ a story very similar to the one already seen in this saga, with the alien killing the humans who cross his path (in fact, there are several winks throughout Prey for lovers of the saga), but it is important to emphasize that the idea of ​​taking the story to a time when firearms were not common currency and the locals handled themselves with axes and spears, gives a plus to the confrontation with the predator.

To all this, we must add the very remarkable photography work he does Jeff Cutter in this production, to show the immensity of the jungle, sacred to the Comanches in this story. The idea of Prey (which translates as “prey”) is, precisely, to invert the original concept and put the alien in the place of the one persecuted by the Comanches, although, of course, this will have its cost and it will not be as simple as they think.

+The detail of the dubbing of Prey

Without too many dialogues in the film, which often relies on the interaction between the protagonist, Naru (Amber Mid Thunder) and his dog, we must highlight the work of the production to rescue the Comanche language. Not only are some terms used throughout the story (several of the commands that Naruto teaches his dog are in this language) but also to think about dubbing. It is that, among the languages ​​available to reproduce this new title of Star+, there will be the possibility of doing it 100% in Comanche. An innovative experience for those who want to learn a little more about this culture.

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