Pretty Little Liars, le reboot : Lucy Hale (Aria) au casting ?

If you are nostalgic for the period Pretty Little Liars, you are surely not without knowing that HBO Max is preparing a reboot, and several members of the new cast have just been unveiled. Pretty Little Liars : Original Sin will take place two decades after a series of events disturbed the tranquility of Millwood. Synopsis side, we will follow a group of teenage girls and their setbacks as they try to escape a new “A” who wants them to pay for the sins their parents committed years ago … Since the remake was announced, many fans have speculated that the original cast will be back. Ary performer Lucy Hale reacted to the rumors.

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Lucy Hale (Aria) – Credit (s): Getty Images

She explained to Variety that she would not be part of the reboot, and to hear it, it will be the same story for the other actors and actresses of Pretty Little Liars : “As far as I know, no one from the original series is linked to the project.” We must therefore forget the return of Hanna, Emily or Spencer but prepare for the idea of ​​discovering new liars and a new / new blackmailer.

HBO Max is expected to present its new version of PLL shortly, whose full cast is revealed in this photo shoot. The plot should be even darker than in the original series, so for fans of suspense and mystery, this promises some strong twists and turns! Regarding Lucy Hale, she is currently on the bill Ragdoll on AMC.

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