Press: "Germany commits hara-kiri"

The German national team had to put up with quite a lot of malice in the international media because of their 1:2 World Cup opening defeat against Japan. The COrriere dello Sport asked the rhetorical question, “How do you spell hara-kiri in German?”

The Spanish Gazette Sports from Barcelona commented: “Japan turned their shyness into anger from the 65th minute.” After all, the German “mouth closed” protest is appreciated in England. “Germany’s protest will reverberate for years and generations,” he wrote Guardians. Algemeen Dagblad took advantage This, however, led to a scornful assessment: “After the failure against Japan, protesting Germans again with their hands in front of their mouths – this time out of shame.”


Brand: “Japan silences Germany – a World Cup punch from Japan. The Germans have little room to maneuver in their two remaining games, one of them against Spain. Germany waste too many chances and you pay dearly for that at a World Cup.”

AS: “German hara-kiri. Flick’s side were unable to successfully complete a game they controlled. If Argentina’s defeat was the first Qatar earthquake in 2022, then Khalifa Stadium witnessed a similar dimension . Germany shot themselves in the foot. The Japanese spirit led to the second big upset of this World Cup.”

Sports: “Heroic feat by Japan at Khalifa Stadium. This is an earthquake in the Spain group. Flick’s side are now forced to win against Spain on Sunday to stay alive at the World Cup. Asano stole Schlotterbeck’s wallet. Japan turned his shyness into anger from the 65th minute.”

El Mundo Deportivo: “Germany commits hara-kiri. Japan slays Germany in the Spain group! Japan’s national coach Moriyasu pulled Germany’s teeth with his substitutions and system variations.”

El Pais: “Flick’s change caused Germany to crumble against Japan. The German team had clearly prevailed until the coach let the Japanese catch up by replacing Gündogan and Musiala with Goretzka and Götze.”


Gazzetta dello Sport: “Crazy World Cup. After Messi’s Argentina, Germany is also collapsing. Japan was once a nightmare for the German economy, now Japan has also become a specter in football.”

Corriere dello Sport: “How do you spell hara-kiri in German? From Argentine Batacazo to the German debacle: the sounds are different, but not the result. A catastrophic defeat unites the fates of two greats of international football, Argentina and Germany.”

tuttosport: “Flick’s boys fall in a really incredible game. The defeat hurts even more because it was due to the last quarter of an hour of a game that was dominated by the Germans for a long time.”

Corriere della Sera: “Flick blames this debacle on the shortcomings of individual players, but this defeat is due to collective mistakes. Germany will have their last chance against Spain.”

La Republica: “The fall of the gods: After Argentina, Germany is also falling. The defeat can be attributed to Doan and Asano, among others, who grew up as players in Germany. Germany now has to clean up the shards caused by Japanese guys who are responsible for it in their trained his own clubs.”

La Stampa: “Germany’s pro-LGBT protest against FIFA: Germans are shutting up in protest – For Germany, which plans to sue FIFA, banning the rainbow ribbon is censorship. The Vice-Chancellor: The time to demonstrate is now.”

Other countries

SWITZERLAND – view: “It takes your breath away. Instead of starting the World Cup with an easy win, Germany is already in trouble after 90 minutes in Qatar. (…) Japan creates the sensation. And leaves the whole of Germany speechless.”

NETHERLANDS – Algemeen Dagblad: “Germany makes an impression with a statement, but doesn’t let its legs speak and goes down against Japan. Germany only made an impression before the game against Japan on Wednesday. With a crashing statement against Fifa, the players gave a clear message. The performance afterwards was then much less convincing, which meant: Just like four years ago, the team experienced another unsuccessful start, this time with the 1: 2 against Japan .”

The Telegraph: “After the ban on the one-love armband, Germany turned against FIFA with clear words.”

France – L’Equipe: “Japan topples Germany in a crazy game – After the opening goal, Japan won the game against Germany 2-1 and took the lead in Group E. The Germans were omnipresent in the Japanese half and dominated the game, but without to achieve success.”

Le Monde: “Germany will be trapped by Japan at the start. Like Argentina, the German team went down 2-1 against Japan in their first game at the 2022 World Cup on Wednesday in Doha.”

ENGLAND-The Guardian: “Germany’s protest will reverberate for years and generations.”

The Sun: “The Mexicans waved them goodbye four years ago. And when the Mexican wave swept through the Chalifa stadium, Germany could be on the way home again quickly thanks to the Japanese super substitutes.”

AUSTRIA – Krone: “It’s cracking! German stars attack each other.”

OE24: “Mega disgrace! Japan shames Germany. The World Cup in Qatar has the next surprise! Japan beats Germany 2-1 after falling behind.”

UNITED STATES – New York Times: “These are the days when the mighty fall. On day three of the World Cup, Argentina were left reeling after a crushing defeat. On day four, it was Germany’s turn. Another of the tournament favorites was shocked and humiliated by a perceived provider of points.”

Washington Post: “Japan’s 2-1 win over Germany from a 1-0 deficit doesn’t quite match the miracle of Saudi Arabia’s 2-1 win over Argentina, but it added another treasure to the World Cup.”

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