Presidential: Christiane Taubira announces that she is a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic "I want the minimum wage at 1,400 euros net and the richest taxed – 100,000 caregivers will be recruited" – Video

11h25 : Christiane Taubira announces that she is a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic. “I am here because the country is wondering. I have traveled the country for several weeks. I see these hopes stubbornly maintained. I will recognize the result of this popular primary. The French have told me of their exasperation but also of their hope. That’s why I want to take my part against hate speech. I share the exasperation with you for another mode of government. We want a government that wisely dialogues instead of moralizing and caporalizing.

Your judgment is harsh against the absence of social dialogue. We must reinvigorate our democracy by reinvigorating our parliament. I am impressed by this will to act. We are going to introduce public expression at all levels to raise issues of popular concern in the institutions.

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For a government that respects us and respects you. This is why I am a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic. The SMIC must go to 1,400 euros net and you have to look at the salary scale in a company. Social justice is fiscal justice. We have seen fortunes explode this year and sometimes escape our taxation.

From 10 million assets we will tax and collect approximately 10 billion each year. We will recruit 100,000 caregivers and pay them properly.

The third major priority is ecology, it’s the business of the century, we know that.

We will defend society against attacks, we will be vigilant. We are able to do this together. We are a great and beautiful democracy! We are different, and the Republic is indivisible because society is not uniform.

10h30 : Christiane Taubira must announce this morning her participation or not in the Popular Primary, this January 15 being the deadline for a possible participation. Faced with a completely fragmented left and whose four “big” do not exceed the 10% mark in the polls, the former Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira, who advocates unity, must clarify his intentions around his candidacy for the presidential election this Saturday in Lyon (Rhône).

For left-wing candidates, this Saturday, January 15 marks the limit to announce their participation or not in the Popular Primary.

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Therefore, the former Keeper of the Seals decided to take advantage of this date too, to end the suspense around his candidacy. Last Sunday, she had promised to side with the result of this citizen consultation.

She will speak at 11 a.m. during a militant rally for the union of the left organized in the district of Croix-Rousse, in Lyon. “She is going to talk about the substance, her vision of France, what the left can bring to France, and what it can bring,” explained the president of the Radical Left Party, Guillaume Lacroix.

And the stakes are colossal on the left, because the hypothesis of a victory for Christiane Taubira in the Popular Primary seems quite credible.

However, by promising to submit to the result of the Popular Primary, the former minister of François Hollande takes a risk. In case of defeat and after the investiture of the citizen from January 27 to 30, Christiane Taubira will have to join the winner of this primary of any kind. The list of personalities subject to this vote will be announced this afternoon.

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