President Desi Radeva in a fire trap

President Desislava Radeva has found herself in a fire trap after huge fires closed the spiritual road Camino in Spain!

Earlier this month, information emerged in the public domain that the first lady had taken the long route from the small French town of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostela in Spain to see the legendary relics of an apostle. Saint James in the cathedral of the same name.

The most popular route is about 800 kilometers long and takes an average of 5 weeks to walk. That is why it is assumed that Radeva is still on the path of the pilgrims who are experiencing difficult moments in recent days. Spanish authorities have closed the road in the Autonomous Community of Navarre and called on those who walk along the Camino to stay in hostels (hostel-like accommodation) for at least two days to avoid accidents. They also warned travelers to be careful not to accidentally cause a fire with objects or equipment they use.

The fire caused the most damage in the northwestern province of Zamora, where more than 25,000 hectares were burned, the Associated Press reported. Residents of at least ten villages were evacuated due to the flames in the Sierra de la Culebra

Bulgarian pilgrims sadly say that only a few days ago they covered the distance between Pamplona and Puente del Reina, and now fires are raging there. But for many days after the alleged spiritual adventure of the president, none of our compatriots has revealed that he has seen her.

According to the information with the first lady was a NSO guard as well as a girlfriend. The group arrived in a state car to France – the starting point of the pilgrims. Sources from the border services said that Radeva left Sofia on June 1. The presidential institution refuses to confirm or deny the exported data.

Firefighters exhausted in the battle with the elements / Footage: Naturaleza Castilla y Leon

Firefighters are exhausted in the battle with the elements

From the very beginning, the president was probably warned that one of Camino’s challenges was the abrupt change of weather – the alternation of hot sun with torrential rains. But this year is proving to be extremely hot.

Experts explain the unusually high temperatures in the last week – in places up to over 40 degrees, with climate change. The Spaniards sometimes experience such heat in August, but not in June. The situation has worsened this year due to drought, and the work of firefighters is complicated by strong gusts of wind, wrote Bulgaria Today.

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