Preparing the BB gala, Cristina Ferreira reveals a “trick”: “Not to pee at night… 😂”

Cristina Ferreira has yet another “trial by fire” this Sunday night, January 9, as she will “conduct” the gala that will reveal the first person expelled from this new edition of ‘Big Brother Famosos’.

After the success in audiences that was the first gala, the presenter has in her hands tonight the second gala of the reality-show that promises many strong emotions after a week marked by several controversies inside (and outside) the most watched house in the country.

Already counting down to the gala, Cristina Ferreira resorted to social media to amuse followers with a “trick” he uses to “don’t pee at night”, as you confess.

“On Sunday I only drink water until noon. Not to pee at night”, can be read in the caption of the publication.

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