Prepare the tissue: New Batman story will make you cry

Known for being a persistent hero, Batman is one of the main characters in pop culture and DC. He is one of the oldest ever created, as is Superman.

However, it is almost impossible to think which hero has suffered more than him in his entire history. The Dark Knight carries many losses, such as Robin Jason Todd, his parents, and even his best friend, Alfred.

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The Wayne family butler was mercilessly killed by Bane, having his neck snapped in front of Damian, the current Robin. No other Batman ally was more important than Alfred.

Even with a tribute in Gotham, Bruce and his partners don’t seem convinced that Alfred had been killed. The hero could not even say goodbye to his friend.

However, DC seems to have redeemed itself and given it another chance, and this new Batman story will make any fan cry.

Batman and Alfred’s Farewell

In the third issue of Batman v Robin, the Dark Knight never seems to have believed in the return of Alfred Pennyworth (via ScreenRant🇧🇷

Bruce was being used by Nezha, who was testing him to see the emotional worth the hero had for his best friend and foster father.

But, things changed, and Alfred’s true spirit managed to connect with Bruce in a very emotional moment.

The hero says that he missed Alfred as he held him in his arms. The butler caressed Bruce’s face, saying a few words that left the hero on his knees and with his head down.

Alfred says that one day he and Bruce will meet again, showing the affection that the butler feels for the guardian of Gotham City.

Afterwards, Alfred reveals that Bruce’s parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne, sent all their love, highlighting the hero’s vulnerability.

The butler seemed certain that Batman couldn’t have done anything to prevent his death, and says that none of this was his fault.

This comforts Bruce’s heart, who has the farewell he needed so he could move on, without the torment of Alfred’s death.

Even if Batman moves on, Alfred’s death was the biggest shock of his life after the murder of his parents, with the hero remaining reclusive many times.

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