Premiere with the Veganuary: Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht becomes a part-time vegan

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Premiere with the Veganuary
Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht becomes a part-time vegan

The veganuary is a welcome topic of conversation on social media. Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht also wants to be there this year and only eat vegan in January. However, he does not approach it in an entirely orthodox manner: A bit of breaking the rules is not a drama.

Eat more consciously, lose weight, do something good for people, animals and the environment – there is one resolution that unites all these New Year’s classics and in which half the internet also participates: the veganuary. Under this motto, people who have not yet been vegan try to eat completely without animal products for the first month of the year. According to a current survey by Lieferando, more than 74 percent of Germans can at least imagine doing without animal products for a few meals a month. In the social networks, the veganuary has become a tradition, and many stars also take part. In 2022, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht will also be among them.

The ambassador of the World Food Forum explains that his view of topics such as sustainability and nutrition has changed above all because of his daughter Snow, who was born in October: “Suddenly there is a little person who is really interested in me Sustainability has always been important to me – but now even more so because I do it for them too.”

The actor and musician likes to be in the kitchen privately, as he says: “Cooking relaxes me and I love being creative and surprising my friends and family with delicious food.” With “Cooking is easy”, the 30-year-old has also launched his own cookbook. Vegetarian dishes are often on his table – “but not eating animal dishes for such a long time is new and I’m really excited.” In January he wants to experiment with things like tofu, jackfruit or portobello mushrooms.

“It’s not about bans”

The amateur chef will certainly continue to cook some of the dishes he discovered in January, says Ochsenknecht. If there is no time to cook for yourself, the busy entrepreneur is happy to have something delivered. Among them is his own bowl creation, which he developed for Lieferando: In the “Jimi Orange Bowl”, tofu, mango, basmati rice, avocado, corn, cherry tomatoes and edamame meet the taste of lime, coriander, coconut and teriyaki – of course everything vegan.

“I love challenges – especially when cooking, I like to try new things,” says the actor. And reassures all those who are afraid of not being able to completely do without animal products for a month: “Just try it. If you then cheat, it’s no drama either.” It’s not about bans, “but more about appreciating the value of meat and fish again.” He will not resist a juicy steak or a salmon from the smoker in the future either. But: “It has to be something special that you treat yourself to.”

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