Premiere of the musical Sun, Hay, Strawberries: White and Burešová were made COFFEE!

In the first Czech musical from the village, five dancing and singing stracks also performed on the boards of the Karlín Theater!

From punk to hip hop

At first, the punk cow, who lent the Golden Nightingale voice, really drove it up White. A disco-style colleague held on to her Burešová. However, the opera lost in the performance of Kateřina Kněžíková (39), whose husband is the well-known opera singer Adam Plachetka (37), dazzled everyone with her voice. In the rhythm of the swing, Adéla Zejfartová sang to the audience and finally ended everything with a hard hip hop and a chain on the neck of a rapper’s cow played by Elis Mráz (27). The author of the music and the libretto, Ondřej Brzobohatý, agreed with everyone to sing.

Premium: Eva Burešová exclusively for Maminka magazine

He had fun too Wreck

The cows amused everyone in the theater, because no one really expected this. “I liked everything. Of course, dance, which is part of the musical. It would be difficult for us to dance the cows in the film, “said Aha! with a laugh Zdeněk Troška (69), director of the legendary film trilogy. However, the musical was not directed by him, but by the seasoned theater matador Antonín Procházka (68).

Keliška and Škopek

The author of the original film music, Karel Vágner (80), also had a great time in the premiere audience. “I like the musical, especially the choreography. That’s something amazing, “sang the” bass master. ” He also happily took photos with Jaroslava Kretschmerová (66) and Pavel Kikinčuk (62), ie the only representatives of the film in the musical. However, Jarka promoted Kelišová from Evík to the biggest gossip, unlike the film Hoštice. Pavel turned from a student of Šimon Plánička on the stage into an eternally drunk Škopek with a bottle in his hand.

Lucie Bílá at the premiere of the film Karel: Singing Kája over the coffin was very difficult!

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