Premature Baby Update: Sarafina’s Twins are doing well!

Sarafina Wollny (26) could hardly be more satisfied with the growth of her two offspring! In May, the twins Emory and Casey saw the light of day by emergency caesarean section – ten weeks before the expected due date. The duo had to spend the first few days in the intensive care unit, but now the premature babies have moved into the Wollny house, bright and cheerful. Now answered Sarafina with an update on the development of your offspring!

A few days ago, the new twin mom and her two boys had an appointment with the pediatrician – with a positive result. “The doctors are very satisfied”, shared Sarafina their community in their InstagramStory with. “The two have only been corrected for three and a half months, but they have already been with us for six months,” said the new mom, explaining the current state of affairs. But despite the premature birth, her two bundles of joy are in no way inferior to other babies of the same age.

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From a visual point of view, the two tots continue to develop. While Sarafina had noticed shortly after the birth that the kids looked very similar to their father Peter (28), they are now becoming more and more similar to themselves – for Sarafina and Peter himself no problem: “Emory is a bit stronger and Casey is petite, so we can tell the two apart!”

Sarafina Wollny's twins Casey and Emory

Instagram / sarafina_wollny

Sarafina Wollny’s twins Casey and Emory
Sarafina Wollny's twins

Instagram / sarafina_wollny

Sarafina Wollny’s twins
Sarafina and Peter Wollny

Instagram / sarafina_wollny

Sarafina and Peter Wollny

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