Pregnant Vitaa: The aftereffects of covid-19 spoil the singer’s daily life!

January 7 as a story on his account Instagram, Vitaa revealed to be infected with Covid-19. “Good bah here, 6 days at the top in 2022 and then … thank you the Covid”, she said in a video where she appears with an oxygen mask on her nose. The interpreter of It comes and goes had added: There are some who have shisha, I have that”. This is the second time that the singer has contracted the virus. Last April, Slimane’s sidekick canceled a TV show, explaining that he was “sick”. A statement that had been the starting point for many rumors about his state of health. “I am reading everything and anything on the networks, it’s making me phew”.

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But what are the news?

Diams’ BFF made an appearance on Instagram in a workout outfit. Liham and Adam’s mom was able to resume the exercise and got on her elliptical trainer for a cardio session … which turned out to be quite difficult. The cause ? “On the other hand for the pregnant post-Covid breath, we will come back eh … 2/10”, she had blurted out.

A few months ago, she had had the same problem. “Advantage: – 3 kg. Disadvantage: more breath / more physical condition. But hey, let’s get back to it, I already feel better to activate myself

Her husband’s joke!

Finally negative, the star however believed the opposite because of a bad joke of her husband Hicham Bendaoud. The latter had fun drawing a red line on the self-test she had just performed, to make her believe that she was still positive. “My husband, this jealous man, he drew a line to make me believe that I’m positive. He’s not a kid really? He said to me ‘ah no, no, no, you are positive’.

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