Pregnant, Virgínia Fonseca receives diagnosis after being admitted to hospital in severe pain. Know!

Virgínia Fonseca, three months pregnant with her second child, gave her followers a scare this Saturday (14th) when she was admitted to a hospital in Belo Horizonte. The influencer arrived in town to attend a concert by her husband, Zé Felipe, but had to seek medical help due to a severe headache that persisted throughout the day, not improving even with palliative methods, such as an ice pack.

In a conversation with Leo Dias, from “Metropoles”, Virgínia’s press office said that Maria Alice’s mother – whose birthday invitation stole the show this week – was diagnosed with a migraine attack. She arrived at the scene accompanied by Zé Felipe, but was only released after the end of the intravenous medication. Therefore, she was unable to attend her husband’s performance. After medical discharge, Virginia posed at the hotel and reassured her fans. “I’m going to eat a little thing, take a shower and sleep”, declared the famous, when posting a photo in the mirror.

Earlier, still in the hospital, she reassured her followers. “Guys, I posted there and don’t be worried, no, I’m fine. [mostrando o profissional de saúde] applied a Novavalgina in the vein. Boy, the train came, though,” commented the famous, who recently posed in lingerie to show off her 3-month pregnancy belly.

Virgínia Fonseca vents about criticism: ‘I wondered if I’m a good mother’

After posting a video with moments with her daughter, Maria Alice, Virgínia Fonseca received criticism for having a nanny to take care of the girl. So, the influencer used Instagram to vent and said that some comments made her feel bad.

“Yesterday I posted a Reels here and I read some comments saying that I have already failed to be a mother because I have a nanny and because I work and I don’t have 24 hours with my daughter. in Instagram Stories. “I love my children more than anything, everything I do is for them!” she continued.

“May God touch the hearts of these people who judge all the time the love of a mother and may they learn that each mother has her reality and that’s not why she is less of a mother! it’s inhuman”, said Zé Felipe’s wife, who will only find out the sex of her second child at birth.

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