Pregnant, Sónia Jesus vents on the networks: “Not every day is colorful…”

Sónia Jesus is one of the former contestants of TVI’s reality shows who receives the most affection on social networks. Nortenha managed to best capitalize on the media exposure she had, and ended up leveraging a project that she has carried out professionally.

Pregnant for the third time, Sónia Jesus took to social media this Tuesday, May 10, to vent: “Not every day is colorful, not everything is a bed of roses that you see on social media, sometimes I just need peace and get rid of all the negative energies that come to me daily…”starts by writing.

“There are days when I just feel like being alone, isolated from everything and everyone, thinking and reflecting on everything! Everything I do daily to make my family happy, I am extremely concerned and dedicated to others and I forget about myself. I forget that I am just a 29-year-old girl who has lived and survived so much.”can still be read.

“That you on this side who follow me can’t even imagine… One thing I know is my future, my destiny is and has always been in God’s hands. And nothing happens by chance for every war a weapon and I know my greatest weapon is my strength but sometimes I don’t know…”said the former Big Brother contestant.

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