Pregnant sex bomb Perkausová spoke about the baby! It will be…

Percussion she seems to be enjoying her pregnancy. Besides looking fantastic, she also has no pregnancy symptoms like aches and pains. According to her, the babies can’t wait. But it is not clear whether they will welcome a girl or a boy into the world. Although the gender is usually discernible around the 25th week, the baby is hiding successfully so far.

Eva Perkausová finally showed her belly! In the 6th month, they already know if it will be a boy or a girl

“I really don’t know, I won’t know the gender until the next few weeks,” revealed Perkausová, saying that she hasn’t even found anything yet. “I told myself that I would get into it when I knew the gender and then I would develop everything from that, even in terms of colors,” she also revealed.

There is no gender preference at Eva’s house. “At first I wanted a girl, then I thought why it couldn’t be a boy, and now I think it doesn’t matter, the main thing is to be healthy,” added Eva.

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