Pregnant radio host has to withdraw as conference: ‘I can not defend being with’

A real piss day.

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This is how radio host on P3 Line Kirsten Nikolajsen describes the day on her Instagram profile.

For she can not host anyway when DR’s Big Band plays the orchestra concerts ‘The Sound of Love’, where eight young people’s love stories have been interpreted by the orchestra.

During the rehearsals in the run-up to the concert in DR’s Concert Hall, bad news ticked in. One of the band members has been tested positive with corona.

Photo: niels ahlmann olesen

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And since Line Kirsten is five months into her pregnancy, she had to contact her doctor. The verdict was pretty clear. Stay home.

“I made a decision that I could not join because you could not manage to do proper tests on the rest of the band. It would be too great a risk for me, “says Line Kirsten to BT

Although the infected members of the orchestra have been replaced with new forces, she would rather stay at a distance.

“It’s just not that safe for me to be with the rest of the orchestra, even though they have tested negative after a quick test. I can not defend being involved, “says Line Kirsten.

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It will be instead another P3 host who takes control.

It will be Anders Ugilt who will guide the audience through the evening on Saturday night.

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