Pregnant Justine Cordule (large families): revelations about a complication after brain examination

This Thursday, November 25, 2021, Justine Cordule lifted the veil on the complication of her seventh pregnancy which distressed her and her husband Steeve so much. It is on Instagram, following a new appointment at the hospital, that the candidate of Large families, life in XXL (TF1) wanted to express himself.

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The charming blonde shared photos of an ultrasound scan of her baby girl, still warm in her stomach. It was necessary to read the text that accompanied them to understand why the couple lived through difficult weeks. Justine Cordule first confided that “after four endless weeks“, Steeve and she were finally reassured. She then unveiled what the midwife had told them during the second ultrasound where everything changed …

On the 22 week ultrasound, our little princess had a fairly large choroid plexus cyst. So my midwife sent me directly to the maternity ward for check-ups. First appointment last week for the ultrasound of the heart to rule out any other pathology. And so today brain ultrasound. The choroid plexus cyst has shrunk, which is a pretty good sign. In 20 days I will have another ultrasound but in the meantime (next week) teachers will work together to find out if it is necessary to do other exams such as amniocentesis [prélèvement d’une petite quantité du liquide amniotique entourant le foetus pour dépister d’éventuelles anomalies génétiques ou chromosomiques, NDLR], continued the mother.

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