Pregnant, Gabriela Pugliesi leaves her belly on display a day after announcing her pregnancy

Gabriela Pugliesi and Túlio Dek announced, on Monday (09), that they are expecting a child. the pregnancy was discovered in March and took the couple by surprise. This Tuesday (10), a day after the announcement, the influencer published new records on social networks where you can already see the pregnant belly taking shape.

In the photos, Pugliesi appears in profile, with a casual look on a beach. For being cropped, it was possible to see the influencer’s belly. “God’s grace,” she wrote in the caption, along with an emoji of a pregnant woman.

The followers, of course, melted for the new mom on the block. “What a blessing,” Lexa wrote. “God bless,” commented Fiorella Mattheis, who is Francisco’s godmother, Thaila Ayala’s son with Renato Goés.

Gabriela Pugliesi tried to get pregnant twice with Erasmo

At the time she had a relationship with Erasmo, Gabriela Pugliesi had twice tried to perform the in vitro fertilization procedure. When she would try for the third time, the couple broke up.

When talking about the discovery of this unexpected pregnancy, Pugliesi explained that he realized that everything happens at the right time.

“I’m pregnant! The best post of my life! The best positive of my life! When it showed “pregnant”, I already knew! Because the test’s accuracy is 99.9%! right time and in God’s time! I hope my story comforts and gives hope to those who need it”, he said on social media.

Erasmo comments on Gabriela Pugliesi’s pregnancy

Seeing the engagement of his social networks increase this Tuesday (10), Erasmo realized that the public wanted to hear his opinion about his ex’s pregnancy. The two broke up in February 2021.

“Actually, it took me by surprise. Regardless of anything, whether she was hurt, what she said or didn’t say, I always rooted for her to make this dream come true because I know how much she wanted it. And I was really, really happy. She deserves everything she’s living now

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