Pregnant, Filipa Nascimento leaves fans “worried” and reacts: “Relax…”

On the night of this Wednesday, May 11, Filipa Nascimento used her Instagram account, more specifically her Stories, to share a photo of her dinner. The 26-year-old actress showed off some pieces of sushi and was eventually ‘warned’ by her followers.

Since she is pregnant for the first time, Filipa Nascimento has received some messages from people who are concerned about her health, as it is not recommended to eat uncooked fish during pregnancies, which is often used in some pieces of sushi.

So, this Thursday (12), Filipa Nascimento decided to react and ‘rest’ those who follow her: “For those concerned about my health, relax…”started by writing.

“When I order sushi, there are several alternatives and I don’t have to eat everything! Anyway, when you notice that I ordered sushi, also notice that not everything is raw fish”added later.

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