Pregnant, Barbara Evans reports despair after feeling pain and surprises with the outcome

Barbara Evans went through a suffocation after feeling abdominal discomfort last Wednesday night (24). The model, who is pregnant with a girl, thought they were contractions and came into contact with the obstetrician. However, it was a stomachache. “Being a first-time mom literally isn’t easy,” she blurted out.

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The winner of “A Fazenda 6”, who, yesterday, countered a follower who accused her of having gained too much weight during her pregnancy, says that the malaise started as soon as she went to bed. At first, she thought it would be a stomachache, but the persistence of discomfort made her alert. “The pain came and went, I tried to sleep and couldn’t, then the mind starts thinking a thousand things, right? Could it be contraction?“, suspected.

Even after being told by the doctor that it was just a stomachache, Barbara only relaxed when she was finally able to use the toilet. “I turned over in bed a while longer, my head racing. 10 minutes passed and there I was in the toilet. I was never so happy with a stomachache,” he joked.


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