Pregnant and vaccinated: Sarah Engels is happy about her decision

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Pregnant and vaccinated
Sarah Engels is happy about her decision

Sarah Engels is at an advanced stage of her second pregnancy. It won’t be long until the little half-sister of son Alessio sees the light of day. Now the 29-year-old explains that she was vaccinated during pregnancy and how happy she is about it.

Sarah Engels has not yet revealed when her daughter will be born. But a look at her baby bump suggests that there won’t be too much time left until then. In a question and answer session with her fans on Instagram, she once again answers their curious questions and reveals her vaccination status.

On the one hand, their followers want to know the usual things that are exciting about childbirth. So someone asks: “Is the clinic bag already packed? What shouldn’t be missing with her?” What I mean. And what is very important: That the little ones have health insurance from birth. That was very important, especially with Alessio. “

“Trust what doctors advise me to do”

On the other hand, the current Corona situation is of course also a topic that her fans have thought about – just like Engels himself. A fan would like to know whether the singer has had herself vaccinated. “Yes, I am vaccinated. I dealt very intensively with this decision during pregnancy and got a lot of advice from various doctors,” she explains. “The most important aspect for me was above all to protect the little one and here I could only trust what doctors advise me to do.”

She did not make the decision easy for herself, as she admits: “I thought about it for a long time myself. I can absolutely understand when you are faced with this decision as a pregnant woman, because a mother always wants only the best for her child.” But she is also convinced that she made the right decision: “I can only say of myself that I had absolutely no vaccine reaction and that today I am glad that I listened to my gut feeling.” Especially with Alessio, who is now going to school, there is an even greater risk of contracting Covid-19.

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