Pregnancy pillow: a great help for better sleep

Maternity and breastfeeding pillow: what is it?

the pregnancy pillow – also called maternity or nursing pillow – is an elongated pillow, which looks like a U-shaped or banana bolster. Its size and composition vary from one model to another.

Barbara Forster, midwife: Used during the night or during a siesta, it is a great ally for the future mother’s sleep because it allows her to be able to sleep in positions more suited to pregnancy.

It can also be used during the day to relax: it allows you to promote venous return by raising the legs on this cushion or relieve discomfort in the pelvis. “With the “gun dog” position on the side, it can even help relieve a mother who has a slightly irritable uterus,” adds the midwife. “But be careful, the cushion will unfortunately not be used to inhibit contractions in the event of a threat of premature delivery,” she specifies.

This maternity cushion is also very often used during birth preparation sessionsespecially during relaxation time.

Finally, it can also be used with baby after childbirth, “both for breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, or even as a first deckchair – only under supervision!”, Indicates the midwife.

We all have our favorite positions, which help us fall more easily into the arms of Morpheus. When some are followers of the position on the side in rifle dog, others prefer to sleep on the stomach and others still, will sleep well only on the back. Unfortunately, many positions become awkward as the pregnancy progresses and the belly grows.

“The pregnancy pillow is particularly useful for sleeping on your side,” explains Barbara Forster. The mother-to-be can then hug her, and put her head on one end, let her belly rest all the way and place the other end between her legs. This is the so-called “dog position”, which will eventually be taken on the left side in order to free the vena cava, although many mothers sleep on the right side without any problem.

To relieve heavy legsback or pelvis painthe mother can lie down in a semi-sitting position, the maternity cushion positioned under her thighs, wedged under the buttocks.

To limit gastroesophageal reflux, the mother can take a position on her back but raised: the cushion placed under the shoulders, the curved part under the neck and the two ends on either side of the bust, under the arms.

“And of course, all the positions in which future mothers can spontaneously find their comfort are welcome”, specifies the midwife.

Pregnancy pillow for better sleep: from when?

“Women often invest in this type of cushion when their belly begins to show a nice roundness and they are looking for comfort, particularly in relation to the quality of their sleep”, explains Barbara Forster. It is so often around the 6th or 7th month, that the weight becomes more important at the level of the belly and that the use of the cushion is interesting. It then allows support the belly, and relieve the back and lumbar.

Does it allow you to sleep on your stomach?

Many women are used to sleep on your stomach, and worried about not being able to do so during pregnancy. “The pregnancy pillow can be used for reproduce this position on the bellywithout lying down completely on it”, describes Barbara Forster. Indeed, lying face down on the mattress, the cushion can be placed in a “U” shape, the hollow of the “U” emptied of the padding and placed under the chest, a leg folded up and installed on a part of the cushion to support the leg and the belly. rediscover the pleasure of sleeping with both shoulders facing the mattresswithout crushing their belly.

“Often sold as a ‘breastfeeding’ cushion, this cushion is just as useful to breastfeeding mothers as it is to parents who want to bottle-feed their babies,” says the midwife.
It can be used to adopt many positions offeeding with milk : in Madonna – which is the most classic breastfeeding position – or in inverted madonna : it is then placed around the belly of the mother, the hollow of the U on the belly, and the baby installed above.
“For the “rugby ball” position, it can be installed on the woman in a seated position, partially behind the back, then on the hip and the stomach” describes Barbara Forster.
Whatever position is adopted, it always make sure that baby is well positionedat the risk of causing lumbar pain to the mother, or even promoting the appearance of crevices. Baby’s head should be at chest height, face facing breast, mouth level with nipple and baby’s head slightly deflected.

Not all pregnancy pillows are created equal. Type of coating, filling materials, size … are all important criteria in choosing the right model. First of all, we will preferably choose a cushion removablefor obvious reasons of hygiene: used as a nursing pillow, it will inevitably be the victim of regular regurgitation!
For it to be as effective as possible, this cushion must be both firm and malleableso filler material is essential.

Barbara Forster: We prefer malleable materials such as microbeads that will allow the cushion to take the desired shape and maintain it.

These microbeads can be polystyrenein ecographiteor even in corn, for a greener alternative. Beware, however, of flame-retardant micro-beads, which may contain endocrine disruptors.

“Certain other materials such as spelled are interesting because they come from organic farming, but they are not always very comfortable, are often heavier and noisy, which can be counterproductive when the goal is to Find sleep !” summarizes Barbara Forsters.

Finally, it is important to choose models that are washable, ideally at 60 degreestemperature necessary to kill bacteria and parasites.

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