"Pray for them": Sharon Stone worries about her mother

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“Pray for her”
Sharon Stone fears for her mother

Once again, Sharon Stone lets her fans participate in a private stroke of fate. She recently reported on the tragic death of her little nephew. Now, in turn, she reveals that her mother has suffered a stroke.

Sharon Stone asks fans to pray for her mother: Dorothy Marie Stone has had a stroke, apparently not for the first time. The actress, who has had a severe stroke herself, shared the sad news on her Instagram page.

“Pray for Dorothy Marie Stone, my mother, who suffered another acute stroke tonight. Thank you,” wrote Sharon Stone, adding a photo of her mother.

“You lose your place in life”

The 63-year-old had stated in a “Variety” interview in 2019 that both her grandmother and mother had already suffered strokes, just like herself. The Hollywood star is committed to the fight against diseases that often affect women . “That’s why I do it: My mother had a stroke. My grandmother had a stroke. I had a massive stroke – and a brain hemorrhage lasting nine days,” she said.

Stone suffered the stroke and cerebral hemorrhage in 2001. “It takes so long to recover and it takes so long after you recover to get back to your life,” she told Entertainment Tonight in 2015. “In all of those Years spent relaxing, you lose your place in life, “says Stone.

You also fall behind financially and professionally. When you have “a heart attack, a stroke, cancer, whatever,” added the actress, not only do you have to take care of your health and your family, “you have to start all over again if you are fine”. People have to recognize and understand that.

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Private lows

Sharon Stone lets her fans participate in her private lows again and again. In spring 2021, for example, she spoke publicly about her miscarriages. In August she drew attention to the fate of her little nephew, who died after total organ failure at the age of only eleven months.

Born in 1958, Stone made a film and television career from the early 1980s. She is famous not least for her erotic roles in films such as “Basic Instinct” (1992) and “Sliver” (1993). Her wicked “Basic Instinct” scene is legendary, in which you think you can look between her legs for a fraction of a second.

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