Prank actress says she’ll turn to "secret treatment" to compete for Miss Butt

Actress of pranks shown on RedeTV!, Kaszila Prata will represent Tocantins in the Miss Butt Brazil 2022.

With an eye on the belt that owns the most beautiful butt in the country and also the prize of R$ 50 thousand in advertising contracts, the model will face a more intense physical preparation for the dispute.

Cover of Sexy magazine, she said that her inspiring muse is Raissa Barbosa, who was runner-up of Miss Butt in 2017 and this year is an ambassador for the project.

“I have Raissa Barbosa as an example, I am very inspired by her mainly because she is a mother, having a humble origin and the goal of getting on a successful reality show”, said Kaszila.

“I also have a trajectory similar to hers. Like Raissa, I posed nude before entering the contest and that gave me even more motivation and security. I am confident in my body and my potential,” she stressed.

To win the title and have even more popularity, Kaszila has already started his preparation. In addition to a stricter diet, she intensified her training and started taking muay thai classes. “In the morning there are 40 minutes of cardio and in the afternoon, weight training, wrestling and another 1 hour of cardio. I’m enjoying the results and feeling hotter,” she celebrated. “Butt care will be special too, I’ll check in to the beauty clinic every week (laughs), but the treatment is secret”, she joked.

As in previous years, Miss Bumbum Brasil will have a representative for each state; there will be 27 in all. After a popular voting phase, 15 of them move on to the final phase. After that there will be a parade accompanied by judges. On social media, Kaszila promises to show her preparation at each stage of the contest.

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