Praised, dark film about real investigation is on Netflix

If you’re into mysterious thrillers inspired by real-life events, Stalin’s Shadow is an excellent suggestion. The feature film available on Netflix follows the story of a journalist who travels to the Soviet Union to portray the horrific effects of the Holodomor – a period of devastating famine that killed millions of people under the communist regime.

Launched in 2019 under the title “Mr. Jones” (Mr. Jones), the feature is a joint production between Ukraine and the United Kingdom, with Agnieszka Holland and a famous Netflix actress in one of the main roles.

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Stalin’s Shadow was very successful with the specialized critics, and was selected to compete for the Golden Bear at the 69th edition of the Berlin International Film Festival. On Rotten Tomatoes, the feature secured 86% approval.

We’ve explained everything you need to know about the plot and cast of Stalin’s Shadow on Netflix below; check out.

Meet Stalin’s Shadow on Netflix

Stalin’s Shadow plot begins in 1933 and introduces to the public the protagonist Gareth Jones, a young journalist who gains a certain renown after interviewing Adolf Hitler.

Thanks to his connection with Lloyd George, the former British Prime Minister, Gareth gets special permission to travel to the Soviet Union, with the intention of interviewing Stalin and better understanding the expanding economy and the apparent success of the 5-year development plan .

Upon arriving in the Soviet Union, Jones was supposed to be confined to Moscow, but ends up getting off the train and traveling clandestinely to Ukraine in search of evidence of the Holodomor.

The journalist is faced with a razed scene of empty villages, people dying of hunger, cannibalism and the violent harvesting of grain carried out by the state.

On his return to England, the journalist fights for the media and government to take his reports seriously. The film represents Gareth’s courageous journey to uncover the truth at the heart of one of the most severe dictatorships in human history.

The cast of Stalin’s Shadow on Netflix

The cast of Stalin’s Shadow is led by James Norton in the role of Gareth Jones. The actor is known for performances in Black Mirror, The Nevers and Voices and Figures.

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Vanessa Kirby, from The Crown, Hobbs & Shaw and Pieces of a Woman, plays Ada Brooks, a young journalist who is also involved in Gareth’s journey.

Peter Sarsgaard (The Price of a Truth, The Orphan) plays Walter Duranty, another journalist covering important events between the First and Second World Wars.

Kenneth Cranham (Malevolent) is David Lloyd George, the former British Prime Minister who assists Gareth on his journey to Moscow.

The cast of Stalin’s Shadow also includes Joseph Mawle (Game of Thrones), Krzysztof Pieczyńsk (Jack Strong), Beata Pózniak (Philly), Fenella Woolgar (Judy), Marcin Czarnik (Son of Saul) and Matthew Marsh (The Lady of iron).

Stalin’s Shadow is available in the Brazilian catalog of Netflix; see the trailer below.

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