Practical guide to dye your hair at home! Step by step + product tips to help you

How to dye hair alone at home? If you want to do a transformation in look, it is important to know that care begins even before purchasing the paint. Understanding the necessary technique step by step and which products to buy is the first step to having dyed hair with a hydrated finish.

To help you change your hair color without stress, Purepeople brings together some essential tips and products.

Before you start, separate the items you will need, organize the place so that everything is close to you and in view. See the tips below!

6 products to dye your hair at home

1- Translucent glove, Vabene – BRL 18.97
2- Boto Rosa Pigmenting Mask, Kamaleão Color – BRL 49.90
3- Simple dye kit, Toplife Professional – BRL 39.00
4- Kit 3 hair dye applicator bottles with applicator comb, Beaupretty – BRL 64.72
5- Silicone hair clips, Baugger – BRL 66.99
6- Treatment Cream Extraordinary Oil Intense Nutrition Elseve, L’Oréal Paris – BRL 18.90

First step: choosing the color and strand test

First, choose the color you want – if you want to dare, the mask Boto Rosa pigment is a good tip – and pay attention to the ideal amount to cover all your strands. Apply a moisturizer to the skin by running around the hair. That way, your skin won’t be stained by the ink. Then mix the product with the spatula in a plastic container as indicated on the packaging.

The strand test is to see if you will have any reaction to the dye, whether in the hair structure and scalp. Select a small part of your hair, preferably at the back, close to the nape of the neck, and apply from the roots towards the ends. Wait the time indicated on the label and remove to get the result.

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