‘Powerful’ elderly woman shows vitality by enjoying outdoors

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When a person reaches old age, he cannot avoid wear and tear. However, this stage of life is not synonymous with decline. And if you have doubts, then you need to see the viral videoshared from TikTokwhich shows an energetic older woman playing in broad daylight.

In Nezahualcoyotla city that makes up the Mexico stateare installed urban gymsspaces with exercise machines that can be used by residents at any time.

In that sense, an old lady did not miss the opportunity and stopped his tour to have fun. Dressed in a skirt, apron and a T-shirt, the lovely woman decided to join one of the teams designed to balance the body.

With great joy, the protagonist began to make some movements. She according to her detailed the tender scene was recorded thanks to the user who immortalized the moment when he was riding in his car on the avenue Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz.

They praise the vitality of the old woman

To date, the clip of @delarosa.jasmine already accumulated 3 million views. In addition, the charismatic female took all the applause in social networks. “That’s what life is about, living and being happy”, a netizen commented.

Other netizens joked about the situation and wrote hilarious reactions like “the lady wondering how to get down” either “It sounds like a joke, but Grandma does more physical activity than me.”

What is old age and loss of vitality?

Older adults frequently report a decrease in vitality, which is due to a host of underlying causes. This chapter describes the metabolic factors that can lead to decreased energy in older adults: endocrine disease, anemia, malnutrition, and infection. .

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