Power Rangers accused of hiding adult jokes in series

The Power Rangers franchise is a huge TV hit. But despite its fun and even quite childish style, the show is accused of hiding adult jokes in one of its versions.

According to Comic Book Resources, the Power Rangers: Time Force series features profanity in some scenes. But not in the way that everyone might think.

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In Power Rangers: Time Force, there is an army of robots fighting the main characters. These robots say seemingly nonsensical things, but some netizens claim that when their dialogue is played backwards, some profanity can be heard.

Obviously, this would be a peculiar way of hiding adult jokes in a children’s show, with enemy robots saying various curses that no one is able to understand.

However, those involved in Power Rangers: Time Force have not confirmed the existence of profanity in the series.

Swear words hidden in Power Rangers: Time Force?

There is not much evidence to support the claim made by netizens. For now, it looks like it’s all a rumor that, most likely, will become some kind of “urban legend” someday.

But it wouldn’t be the first time a children’s show has hidden adult jokes. Classic Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon cartoons were filled with malicious jokes that only adults could understand.

Although the content is inappropriate for the target audience of these productions, it is curious that these adult jokes are included because, at the same time, they serve to attract a slightly more mature audience.

A few years ago, it was very common for children’s cartoons and programs to also be developed to please the elders, so even if young people didn’t understand some jokes, they could still work for adults.

In Brazil, the classic version of Power Rangers is available on Netflix.

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