Power cuts in Moldova due to Russian strikes in Ukraine

Several power cuts have been recorded in Moldova after Russian strikes on energy infrastructure in neighboring Ukraine, Moldovan authorities said on Tuesday.

“Parts of Moldova are facing power cuts following Russian missile strikes that targeted Ukrainian cities and their vital infrastructure,” Moldovan Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu wrote on Twitter.

“Every bomb that falls in Ukraine also affects Moldova and our people,” he said.

According to the Moldovan authorities, power cuts have been observed in most regions of the country and in particular in certain districts of the capital Chisinau.

They were caused by the “automatic disconnection of an electric transmission line (…) for security reasons”, after the Russian strikes having targeted Ukrainian energy infrastructures, specified for his part the Moldovan Minister of Infrastructures and of Regional Development, Andrei Spinu, on Telegram.

According to him, electricity was restored “almost entirely” in the country in two hours.

“The risks of power cuts remain high,” he warned, however, saying that “any Russian strike against Ukrainian power plants could lead to the same situation as today”.
“I call on you to save (electricity, editor’s note) and to show solidarity,” added Mr. Spinu.

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