‘Power Couple Brasil’: Out of the final? Brenda Paixão cries with attitude of Adriana and Albert

How was the ‘women’s test’?

In this week’s “Women’s Test,” wives must prove that their husbands’ “exes” no longer interfere in their relationships. They had to “knock them out” using a wrecking ball.

In the “On Vacation Without Ex” game, the husbands were supposed to position themselves inside the wrecking ball with giant gloves, and the wives were outside to push the ball. The objective of the test was to take down all the “ex’s” within the shortest time.

Who controlled the test releasing the stopwatch was the wife. The men had to take down all the dolls, which represented the “ex’s” so the women could stop the clock. The five competitors who completed the challenge in the shortest time would complete the test.

+ Matheus and Brenda will sue Karol and Mussunzinho

How was the balance of the couples after the ‘Women’s Trial’?

Fulfilled the test

Eliza and Habdalla: + R$ 39 thousand

Michelle and Bruno: + R$ 27 thousand

Brenda and Matheus: + R$ 18 thousand

Adriana and Albert: + R$ 10 thousand

Did not meet the test

Ivy and Nandinho: – R$ 25 thousand

Karol and Mussuzinho: – R$ 21 thousand

Anne and Pelanza: – R$ 20 thousand

Lu and Hadad: – R$ 19 thousand

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