‘Power Couple Brasil’: Luana and Hadad win the Prova dos Casais; check out who’s on the DR of the week

The result of the Prova dos Casais, on ‘Power Couple Brasil’, which airs this Wednesday (22), had Luana Andrade and João Hadad as winners of the challenge. Because they did not complete the activity, Adryana Ribeiro and Albert Bressan are again in the DR of the week. The couple faces the sixth DR of the season.

The dynamic, which was not shown to PlayPlus subscribers, had a spoiler guaranteed on Adriane Galisteu’s Instagram. “Why do you cry, Mariana Rios?”, asked Adriane, referring to the new presenter of ‘Ilha Record’, when showing a lake as the scenario of the race.

After not finishing the challenge, Adryana and Albert commented on the Couples Trial. “I should have rowed,” lamented the singer. “No, love. You couldn’t stand it, that was an effort you have no idea about”, assured her husband.

In addition to Adryana and Albert, another couple that is in the danger zone is Anne Duarte and Pe Lanza after not achieving a good balance during the cycle. The third couple to face the DR of the week will be chosen by a live vote.

With the privilege of accessing the hall of powers, Luana and Hadad have the chance to move the reality show, in addition to earning BRL 20,000.

Adriane Galisteu speaks out after Brenda’s accusation against the production of the program

After Brenda accuses the production of the program of lying about warning in Mussunzinho and abandoning the dynamics of ‘Quebra-Power’, Adriane Galisteu needed to clarify the situation for the couples.

The presenter denied that Mussunzinho received any warning for having bumped into Matheus. “To clarify everything that has happened, to stop this matter once and for all, at no time was an exclusive alert given to Mussunzinho and Karol, at no time were they alerted because of any push”, said the presenter.

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