‘Power Couple Brasil 6′: Mila and Dai are eliminated with 22% of the votes and the couples’ reaction goes viral

THE “Power Couple Brazil 6” eliminated, this Thursday (12), the first couple among the 13 who accepted to participate in the program: Rodrigo Mila and Daiana Araújo. The duo received only 22.28% of the votes in a dispute against Albert Bressan and Adryana Ribeiro, and Andreia Andrade and Nahim – who incidentally got involved in a fight with Hadson Nery.

The reaction of the other participants in the game, however, was what actually led the public to comment on the program. Cartolouco, ex-A Fazenda, went viral on the networks by ignoring Adryana and Albert when the two returned to the Power Mansion after the result of the vote was announced.

The couple was the second to be saved in the dispute and they made suspense outside the house, preventing the other competitors from discovering their return immediately. Crazy Cartola opened the door, but when he saw them, he immediately went back inside.

Hadson Nery, who came to fight with the production of reality, appeared eating fast at the kitchen table after realizing that Albert and Adryana had returned. Cláudia, known as Baronesa, who calmed her husband when she realized that Rogério was feeling sick in a competition, was one of the only ones who actually celebrated the return of Bressan and Adryana to the game.

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