Power Book II: what to expect from the new Ghost season

From this Sunday, Starz Play will begin broadcasting the episodes of the second season of Power Book II: Ghost, one of the many spin-off planned by 50 Cent from your show Power. Those who saw the first installment will remember that Tariq he committed a heinous act when he murdered his teacher, Jabari Reynolds, and now you must deal with the consequences. This also seems to have further alienated him from his family.

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In addition, part of his loved ones became protected witnesses, so he does not know where they are. In this context he will try to ask two people with power for help, Davis MacLean and your partner, Cooper Saxe, on the one hand, and Rashad Tate, for another. This will end up bringing you one more time closer to the Tejada, with whom he will work again.

In this context, the figure of Mecca, a villain played by Daniel Sunjata, who will quickly present himself as an unscrupulous criminal who will do whatever it takes to make a good stand and get ahead. Mecca has history with the Tejada and this could become a severe problem for Tariq, who might have to face this ruthless being to save himself and his loved ones.

What Michael Rainey Jr. said about the new season

Michael Rainey Jr. is the central figure of this spin-off from Power and who is he put in the skin of Tariq. In a recent interview with TV Fanatic gave details of what will come in the next episodes of the series of Starz Play. “His mind is everywhere”, said the actor in reference to the consequences that his character has after committing a murder. “He’s trying to deal with it, with the weight of being in the game and trying to move carefully in the game.”he explained.

On the other hand, Rainey Jr. pointed out that an important aspect in the delivery will be, once again, the personal and internal struggle for “to accept” who is like his father. “He tries to know who he is, because he has his battles, trying to fight the acceptance of being like his father. And that’s the most important part of it. Know who he is, know that he is like his father. But he doesn’t want to accept it “, he sentenced.

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