Poverty: in Occitania, "a standard of living lower than that of France"

Carcassonne hosted this Wednesday, November 16 the 6th Regional Conference for the Prevention and Fight against Poverty.

Ranked 2nd among the (metropolitan) regions most affected by unemployment (9.30% in 2021 compared to 7.90% in France), 3rd ranked among regions with the lowest incomes, 4th ranked among the most disadvantaged with an average poverty rate of 16.20% (20.70% for the Pyrénées-Orientales, the most marked department of Occitanie), Occitanie is mired in precariousness.

Eight round tables punctuated the marathon day yesterday around the fight against poverty, in Carcassonne.
The Independent – NATHALIE AMEN VALS

The latest figures from INSEE, those for 2019 and 2021, also show “great inequalities in the territories […] Two departments of Occitanie have the highest unemployment rates in metropolitan France, Pyrénées-Orientales and Hérault, while Lozère has one of the lowest. The 6th “Regional conference for the prevention and fight against poverty”, was held this Wednesday, November 16 in Carcassonne, in the presence of the interministerial delegate Marine Jeantet (read his interview below) in this context, where the inhabitants of Occitania have a “standard of living lower than that of France”.

Infographic The Independent

Infographic The Independent
Denis Dulcet

A region mired in precariousness


Éric Pelisson, commissioner for the fight against poverty at the regional prefecture, partly explains the territorial disparities by “territories of the rural exodus which have trouble attracting people because there are no public services, schools…”. And therefore absence of inhabitants, activities and wealth. “It’s a crisis of attractiveness but I hope that with fiber and the development of teleworking, we will reverse the trend, he adds. But in urban areas there are other difficulties: neighborhoods of the City policy, widespread poverty in the hyper-centers.
And according to him, when we talk about poverty, “You also have to take into account living conditions, people’s needs and what they lack. You know, poverty is the absence of choice, and responding to it means conquering autonomy” . In office for two years, Eric Pelisson observes “a reduction in over-indebtedness, in particular thanks to the 56 budget advice points which help to manage the budgets of these households, eliminate duplicates, hunt waste”. The man is also a promoter of “decompartmentalization”: “Geographical decompartmentalization with exchanges of good practices as during this day, and interprofessional decompartmentalization by bringing together the different professions”.

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