Post Office ATM Card: Know Here Post Office ATM cash withdrawal Per Day limits and charges

Post Office ATM Card: Post Office (India Office) also provides ATM card facility to its savings account holder (Post Office Savings Account). This card is also used like a bank ATM card.

If you have also taken Post Office ATM Card for Post Office Savings Account, then you must know the transaction to be done with it and the terms and conditions associated with it.

How much cash can be withdrawn from ATM in a day

According to the official website of India Post, you can withdraw a maximum of Rs 25,000 from the Post Office ATM card every day. Can withdraw up to Rs 10000 per transaction.

Then the transaction charge is applicable

If you come from a metro city (as an account holder), you can do three free transactions at other bank ATMs in a month and if you come from a non-metro city, you can do free transactions five times. There is no charge on transactions from India Post’s ATM (Post Office ATM Card). Rs 20 + GST ​​charge has to be paid after the free limit is exhausted from another bank’s ATM.

When to pay the charge for India Post ATM

If you are replacing the Post Office ATM Card of India Post, then according to the official website of India Post, Rs 300 + GST ​​has to be paid as charge. A charge of Rs 50 + GST ​​is to be paid for generating the PIN through the branch and Rs 20 + GST ​​for declining the transaction if there is no balance in the account.

such account holders cannot use post office atm

If the post office savings account holder is a minor or has a joint account, then neither Post Office ATM Card nor internet banking is issued to such account holder.

Annual maintenance charge seems like this

When you use India Post’s ATM card (Post Office ATM Card), then Rs 125 + GST ​​has to be paid annually as maintenance charge. The post office debit card holder also has to pay an annual charge of Rs 12 for SMS.

Withdrawal charges at India Post ATM

If you withdraw cash after the free limit on India Post’s ATM machine, then Rs 10 + GST ​​charge has to be paid on this financial transaction. Similarly, Rs 8 + GST ​​for non-financial transactions beyond the free limit at other ATMs and Rs 5 + GST ​​for non-financial transactions beyond the free limit at India Post ATMs (Post Office ATM Card).

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