Possible strikes at Mestdagh

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“After Lidl, Aldi, filing of a strike notice at Mestdagh. The workload is unbearable, the versatility wild. Brief stop! Assemblies as of tomorrow as a common front ”announced the president of Setca Myriam Delmée. And currently, according to the unions, there is no advance between management and the unions. The staff complains of an overload of work: “The turnover is down and therefore the staff hours have been reduced. Students work, but sometimes these are surreal situations. In some stores there are 6 students for 2 members of the staff, ”says Myriam Delmée.

Strikes Friday?

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Mestdagh, with us, is 51 stores and 1,800 people employed (mainly 24-hour contracts). Today, the staff will therefore be informed. Can we fear strikes? We are talking about Friday … “Yes, and maybe even before if the staff disengages”, tell us the unions.

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