Popó hits hard and sends a message to Whindersson Nunes: “Just adjusting”

Acelino “Popó” Freitas returned to use his Instagram page, this Thursday (13/01), to provoke the comedian and youtuber Whindersson Nunes 一 who should he fight next January 29th.

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Training for the event, the boxer shared a video in which he appears in the ring landing a powerful punch on his sparring partner (which simulates the opponent and assists in the athlete’s training).

Along with the recording, Popó posted: “They’re just adjusting, Whindersson,” said the athlete.

The post garnered many comments: “This one even hurt me,” said a follower. “Enough the soul left the body”, wrote another. “There’s still time to give up, Whindersson,” said another.

Date set for the fight

Whindersson confirmed the fight against Popo in December of last year: the event will be held in the US on January 29th.

“Date set for fight with Popó, January 29th!” Whindersson posted on the social network. “Did Whindersson take courage? Now I get you! Confirmed. 2022 is off to a hot start! January 29th is here! And I never got on top of the ring to play! This won’t be the first time!” replied the boxer.

Before that, in an interview with the 18k podcast, the comedian talked about the fight award:

“It is worth almost R$ 12 million. If all goes well, because the American has his style. If the event doesn’t roll, there’s no payment. That’s how it works for him. If it rolls, the next day it’s on your account…”, he explained.

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exhibition fight

In the program, Whindersson also said that the clash will be exhibition only:

“It will be an exhibition fight, which has no winner. Popó is a four-time world champion, if he wants to end the fight with two rounds, he ends it. I’m a rookie and I’m new, but I’ve been training for a long time, then suddenly a hand comes in, Popó shakes it. (…) The fight is worth it, but trying not to knock anyone out and get to the end giving the show, going all the way to the last round. The idea is to be physically well prepared so that when the crowd ends, they think they would still have five more rounds,” he added.

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