Pope Francis to chronicler of the record shop: "I miss walking around the streets"

Pope Francis exits a record shop in the center of Rome (Ansa)

Rome, January 14, 2022 – “What I miss most in this Diocese (of Rome) is no longer being able to walk the streets, as I did in Buenos Aires, walking from one parish to another “. Pope francesco he replies with a letter to Spanish journalist Javier Martínez Brocal, director of the Rome Reports agency, which three days ago in the Pantheon area, immortalized him as he came out of ‘Stereosound’, the record store the Pontiff has known the owners of since he came to Rome, as archbishop of Buenos Aires . Brocal had written to the Pope a kind of apology message, in which he regretted that he, “a lover of freedom, is forced to stay indoors because every time he moves, he is surprised by a camera”. The journalist then confessed to the Pontiff that these sudden exits of his “succeed in doing us smile at a time when we only talk about tragedies “.

And so Francesco did not delay in answering. But indeed he thanked him for this “noble and beautiful” post. At the same time, he added in the letter, “it cannot be denied that it was a ‘bad luck‘”(unfortunate, ed) – he joked, quoting the’ señora del Serrallo ‘, protagonist of Mozart’s The Rape of the Seraglio – who, after having taken all precautions, there was a reporter waiting for a person at the taxi stand“. A joke, as clarified immediately afterwards in the letter:” We must not lose our sense of humor “. The Pontiff then encouraged the reporter to” fulfill his vocation “as a journalist” even if this means put the Pope in difficulty“.

Pope Francis, not new to the surprise exits from Casa Santa Marta – we remember the visit to an optical shop in 2015 and then to an orthopedics in 2016 – had gone last Tuesday in the late afternoon to the music shop in the heart of Rome for bless the recently renovated premises. For nearly a quarter of an hour he had been chatting with the owners, an old acquaintance of his from the time he was staying, as archbishop and cardinal of Buenos Aires, in the Casa del Clero in via della Scrofa. A “beautiful” and “full of humanity” visit, said the owner of the shop, Letizia Giostra, who before returning to the Vatican gave the Pope a gift classic music cd pack.

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