Poor Lucie! Matuš fell in front of the whole nation

“I have such an amazing sponsor and he advised me not to say anything that it is always a terrible shame not to act like a jerk,” he confided. Matus in an interview with CNN. He also admitted that he is well aware of this and therefore withdraws from tabloids. “All I have to do is look stupid and everything is wrong. I don’t take anyone’s phones, I don’t talk to anyone, it was too much, the boulevards don’t show me, “he says firmly. Well, it wouldn’t be Bohuš Matuš not to throw anything in the way …

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Matuše employs Phantom, Lucince was forbidden to sing!

“I have a young wife, after all, I’m not into ‘it’, but somehow I’m not much. I have to try, “ he said unscrupulously how they had it in bed with Lucinka. However, since he would like twins in the foreseeable future, allegedly two boys, he should crack his horses. After all, it is already known that children are not born after marriage, but that people must also love each other.

Bohuš Matuš: Lucinka revealed when the second child will be born!


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