Poltergeist: MGM wants to make a reboot of the horror saga?

MGM, according to some rumors, would like to make a reboot of the Poltergeist horror saga, even if there could be obstacles.

Poltergeistthe horror saga that arrived on the big screen in 1982, seems destined to return to theaters thanks to MGM who may want to propose a new one reboot.
The story of the supernatural presence that torments a family, also exploiting objects such as television, had returned to the fore in 2015 with a feature film directed by Gil Kenan.

During the podcast The Hot Mic, speaking of the merger between Amazon Studios and MGM, one of the conductors has revealed that a project related to Poltergeist: demonic presences could become a priority. However, the journalist underlined that the making of a reboot could be “complicated by the fact that Steven Spielberg should probably be involved. Poltergeist, what is the most requested genre now? Horror. There is nothing more in demand than horror and MGM comes with all their titles in all genres, I don’t know if they have Amityville Horror or whatever, but Poltergeist is their most important horror title and I think they will totally exploit it“.

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The Spielberg reference could be partly related to a possible desire to be involved in a return of Poltergeist to the screens, having collaborated closely with Tobe Hooper on the original 80s film.

The horror saga, as well as two sequels and a remake, led to the creation of a TV series, Poltergeist: The Legacy, which aired for four seasons.

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