Pollution in Zwijndrecht: provincial deputy Lemmens deplores that the control of permits falls within Flanders

On Friday, the Antwerp provincial deputy Luk Lemmens (N-VA) came to explain the authorizations granted to the company.

The testimony of politicians inevitably created tensions in the assembly. From the start of the session, Mr. Lemmens attacked President Hannes Anaf (Vooruit) and MP Mieke Schauvliege (Groen), whom he accused of defamation against him in an interview with Humo magazine. . “Does my hearing still make sense when my trial has already been done in the media?” He asked.

The representative then assured that he had, like the rest of the Antwerp provincial deputation, scrupulously respected the rules. “We almost always follow the opinion of the commission of the provincial commission for environmental permits (POVC). We assume that companies are telling us correctly what to produce and what to reject. I must note that certain programs were not included in the permit, but it is an offense which falls under the control authority. “

The relationship with this authority, namely Flanders, does not always go smoothly, admitted Mr. Lemmens. “We often learn things from the press,” he tackled. For the deputy, the competence of the control of authorizations should return to the provincial level. “A municipality which grants a permit has the power to verify its application, why not us?” He concluded.

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