Polls, Brothers of Italy boom two months after the vote. The M5s puts the turbo, Pd collapse. Trust in Meloni higher than in the government

Two months after the elections, the race of Brothers of Italy. The party of the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni tap 29 percent share. What has changed in the meantime is that the first tracker is now the M5s, progressively increasing from 25 September. It is the synthesis of poll from Demopolis one month after the oath to Quirinal. To date, according to Demopolis data, 42 percent of Italians express a positive assessment of the first 30 days of the Meloni government. Higher (al 48 percent), growing in recent weeks, is confidence in the Prime Minister: the positive opinion of the Italians on the premier is 6 points higher than the overall assessment of the executive, to underline the personal factor of the leader of the Brothers of Italy.

This also has an effect on voting intentions. Fdi the first political force with the 29 percent (+3 compared to the results of the Policies), followed by the M5s which settles at 17.4 (with an increase of almost 2 points). Demopolis also recorded a collapse of the Pd which is positioned in third place, with a share of preferences at 16.5, the result of a drop of more than 2 points. More or less stable League (8,7) and Action-Italia Viva (7.6), while yielding almost one point Come on Italy (it’s at 7.3). Floats just above 3 theLeft-Green alliance. As for coalitions, the center-right has no opponents: the centre-left, M5s and the centrist pole would only have a chance (from a purely arithmetical point of view) if they united, a more than remote circumstance.


Informative note | The analysis was carried out from 21 to 22 November on a national sample of 2,000 respondents, statistically representative of the universe of the adult Italian population, stratified by geographical area of ​​residence, gender and age group. Supervision of the poll survey by Marco E. Tabacchi. Coordination of the Demopolis Political Barometer by Pietro Vento, with the collaboration of Giusy Montalbano and Maria Sabrina Titone. Insights and methodology on: www.demopolis.it

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