POLL. Who do you want to win? "The Hotel of the Famous?

“The Hotel of the Famous” comes to an end. The first season of the El Trece reality show will have a winner: Martin Salwe either alex caniggia. The contestants will give their all in the dreaded “H”, after three months of confinement in a country house in Cañuelas.

Pampita and El Chino Leunis, the drivers of the cycle, indicated in the last broadcast what the finalists would have to do to win and become creditors of the 10 million pesos. The challenge consisted of 3 tests, two already issued last Thursday.

The labyrinth was built first, then the ramps, the double net and the mud track, and finally the H, which will be seen this Monday. The most important thing is the time it takes for each participant to perform these tests. Whoever completes the three instances of the game in fewer minutes will become the winner of the reality show. It should be noted that whoever competes for one of the finalists, if necessary, will receive the generous sum of one million pesos.

Martín Salwe, one of the finalists of “The Hotel of the Famous”

It will be a final of three duels, and if one of you is injured in any of these, the one who takes his place is the last eliminated, Walter Queijeiro“, said Pampita. However, none was injured, so Alex and Martín will define “The Hotel of the Famous” this Monday, July 25 at 9:15 p.m.

POLL. Who do you want to win “The Hotel of the Famous”

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