POLL. Mica Viciconte or Nicole Neumann: whose side are you on?

A scandal recently broke out between Nicole Neumann and Mica Viciconte. The former “Combat” strongly criticized the model for endangering one of her daughters while I was walking in the snow.

“What you think is funny, is totally the opposite. Instead of filming her, help her cross a place that is risky. Prevent before cure. She falls there and could happen to adults. Let’s take care of the minors. It’s serious. Be awareViciconte wrote after Nicole published the video of the controversy on her networks.


On the other hand,
Fabian Cubero got into the scandalconsulted by “Intruders”: ”
I watched the video, but I didn’t see what happened next. I have nothing to say. We are the parents and we are responsible for our daughters. I’m not going to question anything about his actions“.

And you, which side are you on?

POLL. Mica Viciconte or Nicole Neumann?

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