Political News In Raipur Congress government responsible for promoting conversion Devji

Political News In Raipur: Raipur. A one-day dharna was held in protest against conversion (conversion) in village Kachana of Bharatiya Janata Party Vidhan Sabha, in which office-bearers of Raipur District Rural were also present. The BJP is in an aggressive mood against the increasing voter turnout in the state. Due to this, a large number of activists and local people in Kachana also registered their presence in protest against it and it rained heavily. In the demonstration, Chandrashekhar Sahu, Devji Bhai Patel and Abhinesh Kashyap mainly blamed the Congress government for this. Because it is because of this that those who oppose are jailed and those who convert (conversion) are welcomed with tea and water.

This shows the dual character of Congress. Robin Sahu explained in detail about the missionary prayer to be held in Kachana and the speakers fiercely targeted the Congress and said whenever the Congress government is in power. Then the conversion activities increase. In this program, Mahila Morcha District President, Sona Verma, Bhagwat Verma, Dr. Hundreds of workers, including KK Verma, Narendra Thakur, Rikhi Ram Sahu, had reached the spot in protest.

Failed attempt to be included in BJP by confusing sarpanches: Fisherman

Arang. Gopal Dhiwar, president of Chhattisgarh Pradesh Sarpanch Sangh, said in a press release that some so-called influential people by declaring themselves are spreading rumors that more than 150 sarpanches have entered the BJP. which is baseless. At present, Sarpanch Union has been formed at the state level, in the past, at the district level and then at the divisional level, there was intense brainstorming among the sarpanches. Along with this, while assessing their problems from the district level to the state level, a detailed discussion has been held with Urban Administration Minister Dr. Shivkumar Dahria, Panchayat Minister TS Singhdev on September 9 and handing over the memorandum regarding the major eight-point demands. Assurance has been received to solve the problems arising. He said that many decisions have been taken in the interest of Sarpanchs at the state level. Which will be implemented very soon. So Sarpanch members need not get confused.

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