Political elections on September 25th: the deposit of symbols by August 15th, the lists of candidates by August 22nd

The lists of candidates within one month from today and the deposit of symbols a Mid-August: with the dissolution of the Chambers, the timing for the elections, which will be held on 25 September, has officially begun.

Before voting, however, there are a series of requirements and deadlines to be respected both for the institutions and for the parties. Here are the main dates.

JULY 27th
The deadline by which the Interior Ministry must send the lists of voters abroad, which are constantly updated, to the Farnesina. In fact, the law establishes that they must be sent within the sixtieth day prior to the voting.

12, 13 AND 14 AUGUST
The deadline by which the parties must deposit the electoral badges and symbols at the Interior Ministry.

21 and 22 AUGUST
These are the days reserved for the presentation of the lists, the 35th and 34th before the vote. The lists of candidates are presented in the central electoral offices set up at the Courts of Appeal.

The official start date of the “electoral propaganda”, the month of the election campaign before the vote, with the posting of election posters.

Election day

The date by which the first session of the new Parliament must be held. This is always established by Article 61 of the Constitution, according to which “the first meeting” of the Chambers “takes place no later than the twentieth day after the elections”. As long as the new chambers are not reunited, the article continues, “the powers of the previous ones are extended”.

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