Political elections 2022: from candidates to how to vote. When will there be the new Parliament

Rome, 22 July 2022 – The signature of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella on the decree of dissolution of the Chambers has opened the waiting in view of the political elections 2022 that will be held next September 25. Before the vote, constitutionally foreseen within seventy days from the end of the previous legislature, the government of the outgoing premier Mario Draghi he still remains in office for the handling of current affairs. Attention now to the stages and deadlines that must be met before the elections on 25 September. Let’s see what they are.

The date of the first session of the new Parliament has been set for 13 October (Ansa)

Voters abroad: lists by 27 July

The first deadline for the political elections of 25 September 2022 is presentation of lists of voters abroad. The list of people who reside abroad and have the right to vote for the elections of the House and Senate, but also on the occasion of the Referendums, is constantly updated. The Interior Ministry is responsible for sending the final lists of voters abroad to the Farnesina. The deadline for such sending is established by law: it must take place within the sixtieth day before the elections. Therefore by next July 27th.

Electoral symbols: the deadline

The parties will have to present i official symbols for the 2022 political elections by Sunday 14 August, therefore before Ferragosto. The badges with the electoral symbols must be presented at the Ministry of the Interior. These symbols are the ones that voters will find on upcoming House and Senate ballots.

Electoral lists after Ferragosto: that’s when

After the presentation of the electoral symbols, the parties after August 15th will have to respect a further deadline: that of presentation of the final electoral lists. By law, the lists must be delivered to the central offices at the Courts of Appeal between the thirty-fourth and thirty-fifth day preceding the vote. So, in the case of this election, between 21 and 22 August.

Electoral campaign: the date

The electoral propaganda, or rather the official election campaign one month before the vote, will be inaugurated on 26 August. This is the date on which the election posters hanging in the appropriate spaces will begin to be visible in all cities.

The electoral law

The electoral law currently in force in Italy is the Rosatellum, the one with which we voted in 2018. The number of parliamentarians who will be elected in the Chamber and in the Senate will for the first time be lower than in all the other Italian legislatures: it is the effect of the entry into force of the reform concerning the number of parliamentarians. The elected deputies will be 400, while the senators will be 200. The Rosatellum foresees 61% of parliamentarians elected with the proportional system and 37% with the majority through single-member constituencies. The remaining 2% is reserved for the vote of the foreign constituencies.

XIX legislature: when it starts

The first session of the new Parliament. In fact, Article 61 of the Constitution provides that “the first meeting of the Chambers will take place no later than the twentieth day of the elections”. However, the Chamber and Senate, as established by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, will be brought together two days before the expiry of the law, or the October 13.

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