Political crisis in Italy: Mario Draghi should again announce his intention to resign

According to the Italian news agency ANSA, the former head of the European Central Bank will announce his intention to resign at the start of a session of parliament on Thursday morning.

Last week, Mario Draghi had already offered his resignation due to trust issues. A request which was then refused by President Sergio Mattarella, who asked him to try to save his government of national unity.

If only a coalition partner, the 5 Star Movement, had refused to express its confidence a few days ago, this Wednesday, three ruling parties boycotted the vote. With the departure of Mr Draghi, who took office in February 2021, Italy is once again in the midst of a political crisis and snap elections are likely, observers say.

Stay in case of unity

The head of government had said earlier on Wednesday that he was ready to stay on as prime minister, but only if coalition unity and trust were restored.

“Are the parties and your parliamentarians ready to restore this pact? asked Mario Draghi in his speech to the upper house of parliament, adding that this is what the Italian people demand. Mayors, trade union leaders and employers’ organizations have massively called on the former president of the European Central Bank to remain at the head of the government.

The latter has enough support to continue to govern without the 5 Star Movement. He rejected this option because he was initially tasked with leading a coalition with parties from across the political spectrum. Not only did the 5 Star Movement not vote on Wednesday, but the right-wing coalition parties, Lega and Forza Italia, did not vote either. These two formations are ready to remain in government but only without the 5 Star Movement, a request that Mario Draghi has already rejected.

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