Policeman killed in Schaerbeek: Vincent Van Quickenborne wants to tighten the screw against acts of violence against the police

Concretely, the rebellion which leads to an incapacity for work will come under “zero tolerance”, which means that a judicial follow-up will be systematically given to this type of misdeed.

In addition, a reference magistrate is appointed to each prosecutor’s office for all criminal acts committed against police officers. This magistrate will serve as a point of contact for the police and will better inform the persons concerned of the progress of the cases.

The Minister of Justice has also decided to speed up the implementation of the aggravation of sentences for violence committed against police officers and persons exercising other societal functions. This aggravation is already provided for in the new penal code, but it will not come into force until two years after its approval by Parliament, i.e. in principle in 2025. The minister therefore wants to insert this section of the new penal code into the penal code. current criminal law so that increased sentences “can be applied more quickly”.

Finally, work continues with the Minister of the Interior, Annelies Verlinden, on a legal framework for “bodycams” ​​for police officers.

“Those who attack the police because of the function they perform are thus attacking society as a whole. We must take tough action against this,” said Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne.

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