Police want mile-long honorary guard for stabbed policeman Thomas (29)

Thomas’s colleague, Jason, who was stabbed in the arm already received a guard of honor when he was allowed to leave the hospital in Jette. © rr

On Friday, the police want to form a mile-long guard of honor for Thomas Monjoie (29), the police officer who was stabbed to death in Schaerbeek on Thursday evening. The intention is to form a guard of honor from the funeral home to the cemetery, about nine kilometers long. The federal police announced this on Tuesday.

Source: BELGA

According to the federal police, up to 3,000 employees could take up residence in the guard of honor. Internally, colleagues from the entire integrated police are asked to confirm their presence before Wednesday afternoon, it sounds.

In addition, members of local and federal police across the country will observe a minute of silence at 11 a.m. Friday. That is the start of the funeral ceremony of the dead policeman. Flags will also be flown at half-mast on all police buildings across the country, spokesman Jonathan Pfund said.

The policeman’s funeral will take place on Friday morning at a funeral home in Waremme. The burial will follow in a strict family circle.

Thomas Monjoie died on Thursday evening after a knife attack while he was stopped in a service car at a red light in Aarschotstraat in Schaerbeek. The policeman came from Limont, a sub-municipality of Donceel in Liège.

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